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Help and FAQs

We have a lot of innovative ideas to help you with your artwork. Here are a few of the common questions.

Can anything be dry mounted?

No! Do not dry mount anything that is of value, mainly monetary. Although we dry mount most photographs for a smooth effect, we use a special removable adhesive that will not damage your photo.

Items that should trigger a red flag before dry mounting are originals, limited editions, or anything of value to a collector.

How should I properly handle my artwork until I can finally bring it to Sgraffito?

Handling your artwork is something that can frequently be overlooked, resulting in devastating damage. There are a few things to remember that can help you take good care of your piece. Also, different mediums require different cautionary techniques.

For starters, never stack painting on top of one another. The paint could scratch upon contact, and even fall off in chips. Avoid touching the canvas or board whenever possible, especially the surface. Handle a canvas by the edges, as you would a photograph. Avoid rolling artwork, including canvases and paper-based creations. Travel with loose artwork in an acid-free paper folder. Finally, never try and clean a piece yourself. Introducing any product to the surface of your artwork is asking for trouble unless you're absolutely sure what you're doing.We can obtain a quote from excellent professional restorers as part of service.

How should the back of my frame be sealed?

Note that the backs of wood frames can be sealed, but metal frame backs cannot. The covering is not for decoration purposes, but is primarily functional. The seal protects from bugs, dust and dirt from getting in.

There are so many types of frames to choose from. How do I know which one is right for me?

There are no rules! Deciding where your picture will hang is a great first step to choosing the right frame. Be inspired by your space, and take note if there is a predominant wood type, or interesting shapes or angles that could help you with your selection. Is your artwork curvy and organic or sharp and linear?

Consider a distressed frame for a cottage-like environment, or a metal frame if there's any rod iron or stainless steel in the room.

I'm moving, and have several valuable frames I want to save from damage in transit. What is the best way to protect them?

The main thing to be aware of when transporting a frame is how vulnerable the corners are to dings and damages. To protect your picture, use paper corners (available in corrugated cardboard, or other heavy grade card materials) that slide onto your frame and secure snugly. As an extra precaution, wrap your pictures in bubble wrap or blankets to avoid scratching against one another.

What is the best way to determine my mat size?

Your mat should be either narrower or wider than the width of your frame. Otherwise your piece will begin to look stripy, detracting from the image.

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